COP15 - Resultater.
Der er delte meninger om processen og resultaterne af FN's klimatopmøde i København i december 2009.
Vi har forsøgt at samle forskellige syn på FN's klimatopmøde.
Følg de forskellige links.

The Copenhagen accord

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

DECLARATION from the EU "Bottom Meeting" held at the Free City of Christiania

Ond vilje, uduelighed, teknisk uheld eller cirklens kvadratur?, Information 8. Januar 2010

What if learning was about knowledge and also about doing, being, interacting with others and changing the world?

What if formal learning was enjoyable, hands-on and relevant to life outside school while addressing the problems of our world?

What if education systems prepared learners to become responsible citizens, recognize and solve local problems...

Then we would be educating for a more sustainable future

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