CEI Conference 2008


The goals of the 2008 CEI conference in Aalborg are as follows:

  • To create debate and reflection about the environment among the youth.
  • To create the foundation of a Danish CEI-branch.
  • To involve the youth of Aalborg in the environment and energy debate.
  • To gather international statements for the UN climate conference in 2009.

Caretakers of the Environment International (CEI) started in 1986. It is an international organization which aims to promote sustainable development education for youth. It features an annual international conference for school age students, usually senior secondary students.

Læs mere om CEI og konferencen i 2008

What if learning was about knowledge and also about doing, being, interacting with others and changing the world?

What if formal learning was enjoyable, hands-on and relevant to life outside school while addressing the problems of our world?

What if education systems prepared learners to become responsible citizens, recognize and solve local problems...

Then we would be educating for a more sustainable future

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